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Debbie Coutant, a leader at Congregation Shir Hadash in Los Gatos and a member of the RAC-CA Leadership Team, died this summer. With thanks to Rabbi Melanie Aron, we share this tribute to Debbie and honor her leadership and dedication to justice.

Debbie grew up on Long Island, went to college on a scholarship as a percussionist, and nurtured a love of Judaism throughout her life.  At Shir Hadash, Debbie served as ritual chair, temple president, and leader of their project as a sanctuary congregation. After a career in technology, Debbie became the Executive Director of Shir Hadash...

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In 2019, RAC-CA set gun violence prevention and housing as our two top issues. This agenda was created by our lay-led issue research teams and input from 179 social justice leaders from 45 Reform congregations and communities.

Now that the Legislature has concluded its business for the year, and Gov. Gavin Newsom has finished signing and vetoing bills, we can take a moment to assess RAC-CA’s legislative agenda. In short, we had another successful year of advocacy: we won more funding for CalVIP local gun violence prevention programs, addressed the housing and homeless crises...

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Temple Emanu-El is a 2019 Fain Award recipeint for its project, the Westfield Fun Club. 

Like most synagogues, Temple Emanu-El in Westfield, NJ is bustling on Saturday mornings. There are often three Bar or Bat Mitzvah services, and by 10:15am, the lot is filling up as guests park and head down the brick path to the main sanctuary door.

I’m standing at the entrance to the Early Education Center, pointing the way for worshippers, when I hear a squeal. Before I can turn, I am enveloped in a waist-high bear hug. I bend down to return the hug...

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Congregation Albert is a 2019 Fain Award recipeint for its project, Asylum Seekers Volunteer Program.

Congregation Albert in Albuquerque is the oldest Reform Jewish congregation in New Mexico. As a past board member and an engaged member of my congregation, I had the distinct honor of working with a group of volunteers in the Albuquerque Jewish community, providing direct services to asylum seekers passing through our city on the way to their sponsors’ homes.

As one of five faith-based organizations, we responded to a call...

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Women's rights are human rights poster

In the spring of 2019, an alarming surge in anti-abortion legislation took place in state legislatures across the U.S. Nine states enacted gestational age bans on abortion, many as early as 6 weeks -- before most individuals even know they are pregnant. Fortunately, all bans have been blocked by federal judges from taking effect for the time being. Four states  adopted legislation that...

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