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The #10YearChallenge gained widespread traction on social media this month. This catchy Facebook trend calls for users to post posting two side by side photos of themselves — one from 2009 and another from 2019 — to show how much they’ve changed in the last decade. My newsfeed has been flooded with friends, teachers, and acquaintances alike who were eager to participate in this silly, yet somehow intriguing, online craze. The enthusiasm around the trend encouraged me to reflect on what else has changed over the past decade of my life.

Ten years ago, I was preparing for my Bat...

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This post is adapted from Rabbi David Segal's Shabbat sermon on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend at Temple Beth Shalom in Austin, Texas. It originally appeared on Rabbi Segal's blog.

Maybe you’ve heard this one: In the days of World War II, in early November, a sergeant at an army base in the Deep South gets a call from a woman. She says, “Sir, we live near the base, and for Thanksgiving, we’d like to entertain a few soldiers at our house.”

The sergeant says, “Wonderful, we’ll send them over, and on behalf of the army, thank...

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Sorry We're Closed sign

Updated 1/26/19: On Friday, January 25, the President signed a...

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Smoke billowing from a tower against a sunset

This year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Tu Bishvat (the Jewish "New Year of the Trees") both occur on January 21, 2019, and the 15th of Shvat 5779. While many people are already familiar with the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise, more severe wildfires and hurricanes, species loss, ocean acidification, water pollution, food insecurity, and increasing health problems, fewer people recognize that communities of color are often the most severely impacted.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is...

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This post is adapted from Rabbi Juliana Karol's sermon at Congregation Rodeph Sholom on January 4, 2019. 

I remember learning about the concept of “strange bedfellows” in my early twenties.  I was in my first days of training as a legislative assistant at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and our boss was explaining the peculiar alchemy of Washington, D.C. where Monday’s allies could be Tuesday’s foes. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was a perfect example: we worked together in close alignment on immigration reform, but...

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