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Domestic violence flag

Thirty years ago, Congress first officially designated October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic and sexual violence cut across lines of class, race, nationality, gender identity, and sexual orientation - and the Jewish community is not immune.

We care about the issue of domestic violence not only because it effects our community, but also because our tradition teaches us to. Domestic violence violates the Jewish belief in kavod ha’briyot, the fundamental dignity of every...

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During Sukkot this year, the Religious Action Center worked with Reform congregations across North America to host immigrant justice events in the sukkah. Congregations from coast-to-coast welcomed immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees to be guests in their sukkahs and share their stories. Here are a few reports from congregations that held these moving events.

California "I had the extraordinary opportunity to introduce the delightful asylum-seeking Guatemalan family I've been working with through Casey Revkin Ryan and Immigrant Families Together to our warm and welcoming...

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Homestead March

Dr. Amy J. Cohen delivered the following remarks at Temple Beth Shir Shalom in Santa Monica, CA on Yom Kippur.

When Rabbi Neil kindly invited me to speak before you, to the congregation which, he said, had at one time been haunted by the likes of Stephen Miller, I presumed he was bringing me here to perform a kind of sage-ing ceremony. I’ll do my best.

Stories from Immigrant Detention Centers

Let me begin with the words of migrant children in government custody:

From a 5 year old: I was taken with my father. Then the agents separated me from my father right away. I...

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Teen protesters for gun violence prevention

Rabbi Seth M. Limmer made the following remarks on Kol Nidre 5780 at Chicago Sinai Congregation. His remarks were originally posted on Chicago Sinai Congregation's website

I have the honor of speaking on this most sacred of evenings. Tonight however, I want to share this pulpit with people who don’t share my privilege, but whose wisdom needs, nevertheless, to be heard in our sanctuary. Tonight, I want to share the words of our children. I begin with the thoughts of a young woman I’ve never met, but...

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Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced that the United States will deny visas to immigrants who “will financially burden” the health care system. The proclamation requires immigrants prove that they either have approved health insurance – insurance purchased through the Affordable Care Act exchanges won’t count -- within 30 days of entering the United States, or the ability to pay...

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