We Are Witnessing History

Yolanda Savage-Narva
April 8, 2022
As a Black woman, a Jew, an American, and a human being, April 7, 2022, is a day that I will always remember. I will remember it for the historic event that it was: the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

A Redistricting Win for RAC-PA

Rabbi Lindsey Danziger
Rabbi Stacy Rigler
April 8, 2022
As the buds of Spring emerge and Jews across the world began preparing for Passover, here in Pennsylvania we see glimmers of hope that we too will be taking steps to celebrate freedom and democracy. With a March 16 th State Supreme Court Decision, the Commonwealth got more equitable and racially just maps, and RAC-PA won our first campaign!

Go Forth to Freedom

Israel Harris
April 6, 2022
On the first night of Passover, Jews around the world gather for a Seder during which the story of our ancestors' liberation from Egypt is retold. Tradition dictates that as part of the seder, the youngest person present and able asks four questions, including "Why is this night different from all others?" But each of us, no matter our age, can ask challenging questions that lead to new insights about injustice and liberation that can be applied to the modern day.

Breaking up with Rape Culture

Kate Franklin
April 4, 2022

If you would have told 18-year-old Kate that she would one day openly talk about the most painful, and for a long time, “shameful” experience of her life to hundreds and hundreds of people, her jaw would still be on the floor.

Modern-Day Plagues of Injustice and Inequality

Shayna Han
Israel Harris
Lillie Heyman
Rachel Klein
Jacob Greenblatt
April 1, 2022
On Passover, we recount the Ten Plagues that were put upon the Egyptian people. While acknowledging the ancient plagues, we invite you to also incorporate into your Seder an accounting of some of the "plagues" and injustices that afflict our present-day society.

Trans Day of Visibility is Just a Start

Cantor Sheri Allen
Preston Max Allen
March 29, 2022
For a community relentlessly targeted by hateful legislation, this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility (celebrated on March 31) holds a heightened sense of urgency. I am ashamed to say that this day wasn’t even on my radar until I had a personal stake in it, but it now holds a special place of significance in my family.

Lessons from Megillat Esther: The Need for Study and Action

Shayna Han
March 16, 2022
When I was a child, I remember saying to my mother about the Purim story, "Maybe Haman wouldn't have done anything if he'd known Queen Esther was Jewish." King Ahasuerus' easily manipulated nature laid the foundations for the story, while Haman's vociferous antisemitism drove the story forward.

Join the Fast For Ukraine

March 14, 2022
This Wednesday, March 16, we are joining with many organizations to encourage Jews everywhere, to join together in the spirit of the Fast of Esther by demonstrating solidarity with the people of Ukraine. One of the many ways you might do this is by fasting.