Empowering Young Leaders

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RAC Teen Justice Fellowship

The RAC Teen Justice Fellowship is a learning intensive designed to train high schoolers to be organizers in their home communities. Fellows will meet virtually for an hour once a week for six weeks to hone their leadership skills, learn community organizing skills, and complete a project in your home community you design and lead.

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Teen Jews of Color Fellowship

This *new* fellowship is a transformative experience for 11th and 12th grade Jewish Teens of Color that offers an inclusive and vibrant space for participants to explore all their intersecting identities, cultivate leadership skills, and engage in meaningful project-based learning.

L'Taken Social Justice Seminars

At the Bernard and Audre Rapoport L'Taken Social Justice Seminars, teens from across North America converge on Washington, DC for four days of advocacy and action.

Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Fellowship

The Legislative Assistant Program is a year-long fellowship for recent college graduates or individuals with equivalent academic and professional experience, who are interested in Judaism, social justice, and policy. The program is designed as training opportunity for new professionals interested in learning about and contributing to the work of Jewish social justice.

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