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Teens dressed for Halloween as Rosie the Riveter and a suffragette.



On October 31, my friend and I took to the streets. Not for the normal Halloween reasons, oh no. We had an ulterior motive. As we went door-to-door, we weren’t asking for candy, but instead asking people if they had remembered to vote in the midterms. Of course, we weren’t going to say no to the candy.

I didn’t know what to expect when we started out. I had no clue if any of my neighbors were politically involved or cared about voting at all. But regardless, my friend and I started walking, laughing nervously as we approached the first door of the night. Five...

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I love talking to strangers. I take after my mother that way. I love to learn about all types of people and hear their stories. It is because I care about others and want to know what makes them tick. Canvassing comes easily to me. Knocking on peoples’ doors to speak to them about a topic that is meaningful to me has always been exciting. I’ve met some incredible folks over my years as a volunteer with various campaigns and engaged in deep, effective conversations. When I was invited to canvass with RAC-OH in support of...

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Rabbi Ben Zeidman is the rabbi at Temple Mount Sinai in El Paso, Texas. The congregation is located in proximity to the temporary shelter for unaccompanied migrant children established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Tornillo, TX. He shares his insight into the humanitarian crisis facing the area and how Reform Jews can help:

"We are learning that here in El Paso over the next few weeks ICE is releasing far more people from their custody than usual. Normally, after processing and entering...

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Photo of Tree of Life Synagogue

What I am left with is the silence. 

Standing outside of Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, a normally busy neighborhood of Pittsburgh, it was eerily quiet. Overcast and cold, blocked by a police barricade, the only movement came from law enforcement and tv crews in the unnerving stillness.

It was Sunday morning. There should have been parents dropping off their children for Sunday School, people out walking, dogs on leashes, bikes on the road. Instead it was just… silent.


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Me too sign

Over a decade before #MeToo took over the internet, activist Tarana Burke was working to empower and heal young survivors of sexual violence. In October 2017, Burke’s lifework was thrust into the national spotlight, as the phrase "Me Too" became a viral social media hashtag to shed light on the abhorrent prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault in society. The #MeToo movement has sparked a long-overdue public conversation about the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct and has provided a platform...

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