Remarks from Rabbi Eliana Fischel at Jewish Gathering for Abortion Access

Rabbi Eliana Fischel
Rabbi Eliana Fischel, Associate Rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation in Washington D.C., spoke at a Jewish community gathering just before the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine regarding the future of Mifepristone, one of two medications commonly used in medication abortion.

Passover 2024: The Three Central Messages of Pesach

Dr. Georgette Bennett
The Exodus story is the master narrative of the Jewish people. As most of us know, it tells the story of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and the rise of Moses as their liberator. It reminds us that in 2024, the universality of Passover's three-part message again reverberates through the generations: freedom, love, and justice.

Modern-Day Plagues of Injustice and Inequality

Rabbi Michael Namath
On Passover, we recount the Ten Plagues that were inflicted upon the Egyptian people. Here are some of the "plagues" and injustices that afflict our present-day society -- and actions you can take.

Budget Bonanza: How Congress Funds the Federal Government

Sammy Angelina
Over the past few months, Congress has been embroiled in a series of budget negotiations. As the government approaches another potential partial shutdown later this week, let's consider what is happening behind the scenes and what is at stake in the next round of negotiations.