Meet the 2023-2024 Eisendrath Legislative Assistants

Ellen Garfinkle
CJ Wechsler Sánchez
Noé Granados
Sammy Angelina
Rachel Landis
We are thrilled and honored to introduce ourselves as the 2023-2024 Eisendrath Legislative Assistants ! Our cohort brings a wealth of diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences to our roles. We are united by a shared dedication to advancing the URJ's vision of peace and wholeness, justice and equity, and belonging and joy.

Celebrating Sukkot: A Time to Welcome, Rejoice, and Advocate

Ellen Garfinkle
The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is one where we are called upon to rejoice; in fact, it is the only festival where we receive this direct commandment. The holiday is a time to dwell in temporary huts, or sukkot, with open walls and doors, as we invite our communities and loved ones inside to rejoice with us.

Congress Must Pass a Budget That Honors the Dignity of All

Miriam Edelman
Before October 1, Congress must pass a federal budget to avoid a government shutdown. Congress can either pass a package of 12 appropriations bills to establish new funding levels for the upcoming fiscal year and/or a continuing resolution to temporarily continue funding levels from the prior year.

Making Amends: A Message for Yom Kippur 5784

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Jennifer Brodkey Kaufman
As Yom Kippur 5784 approaches, our commitment to making amends and pursuing restorative justice remains resolute. Even as the final shofar blast sounds at the end of Neilah, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable and atone for the harm suffered by victims and survivors. We will never shirk this challenging, morally demanding work.