Exciting Updates on the Racial Justice Campaign

October 12, 2021

The Reform Movement's Racial Justice Campaign continues to be a central part in combating the daily oppression and dehumanization of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals that is rooted in the 400-year history of systemic racism embedded in every corner of North America.

The Reform Movement's racial justice work, which deepened during the civil rights movement with the creation of the RAC, continues today with the Reform Movement's commitment to demand racially just policies in the U.S. and Canada.

Over the summer, the RAC organized 47 lobbying meetings with nearly 5,000 constituent participants from 22 different states to call on the U.S. Senate to protect the freedom to vote! We are continuing to pressure the Senate to pass legislation and welcome the recent introduction of the Freedom to Vote Act, the successor to the For the People Act (S. 1). The Freedom to Vote Act is a broad bill that will establish national standards for federal elections, make Election Day a federal holiday, and create a transparent process that all Americans can trust. While we are proud of our first national campaign and pleased the Senate remains focused on passing legislation protecting and advancing the right to vote, our work is far from over. As we await a vote in the Senate on the Freedom to Vote Act, along with the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, the Reform Movement must continue to make our voices heard and ensure that voter registration and voting options are equally accessible across the U.S.


In the state level, we celebrate RAC-NY's recent victory in helping to pass the Less is More Act on Friday, September 17 th. This transformative bill will restrict the use of incarceration for non-criminal parole violations, bolster due process in parole hearings, and incentivize and support community reentry. This is just the latest victory by our state-based affiliates and if you are located in a RAC state, we need you to join our state advocacy campaigns. Success at the state level is critical in building a more just, compassionate, and whole world.


The Reform Movement has also implemented a Racial Equity and Diversity Initiative (REDI) to take action within our communities and beyond and strengthen the collective power of the Jewish community in antiracist work.

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