The California Religious Action Center (RAC-CA) brings together the Reform Jewish congregations and communities of California to organize powerfully across lines of race, class, and faith.

Current Legislative Campaign

Three Racial Justice Campaigns for California

RAC-CA's 2021 Legislative Agenda includes three campaigns. Our top priority is Time Done, an inspiring and transformative criminal justice campaign. SB 62, the Garment Worker Protection Act, is an important fight impacting thousands of immigrant women in our state. And SB 467 addresses the dangerous impacts of oil and gas drilling on millions of Californians in largely People of Color communities. The bill did not pass in committee, but we remain connected to our partners and committed to winning on climate and environmental justice!

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A guide for discussing Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration by Dr. Reuben Miller.

Both a sociologist and the brother of an incarcerated man, Miller highlights the extent to which the U.S. criminal justice system is rooted in racist assumptions and structures.

Halfway Home Discussion Guide

Our Recent Work

RAC-CA Civic Engagement Campaign 2020

RAC-CA is working as part of Every Voice, Every Vote: The Reform Movement's 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign to strengthen democracy by expanding the electorate, both inside and outside our congregations, and by educating Reform Jews about key ballot measures.

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RAC-CA 2020 Legislative Victories

RAC-CA changed its 2020 legislative agenda in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Thirty-nine meetings with state legislators plus two with the Governor’s staff led to the release of vulnerable prisoners and new revenue in the state budget, though not as much as we were seeking.

RAC-CA 2020 Legislative Advocacy Campaign Results

Call on Gov. Newsom to Reduce Prison Populations During COVID-19

RAC-CA Campaign for a People First Budget

RAC-CA 2020 Legislative Agenda

The health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus called us to support Californians suffering both within and outside our Reform Jewish congregations and communities. Events were moving quickly and we knew we must act together. Our revised 2020 agenda guided included housing, criminal justice reform, economic justice, health care and immigrant justice, and our top priorities were the reduction of prison and detention populations to prevent the spread of the virus; and the use of California's financial strength to protect those suffering the worst impacts of the virus from also bearing the brunt of budget cuts due to the economic crisis.

RAC-CA Victories

In 2019, RAC-CA set gun violence prevention and housing as our two top issues. With help from Reform communities across the state, RAC-CA helped triple funding for local gun violence prevention programs in California communities most affected by gun violence. We also backed a package of housing and homeless bills that will help build new affordable housing, protect tenants, and remove barriers for housing production.

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Past Events

RAC-CA Lobby Day 2019

On Tuesday, August 20 in Sacramento, RAC-CA held its most important event of the year to urge our legislators to make the Golden State reflect our Jewish values of justice, compassion, and wholeness. Participants learned how to lobby and meet with their elected officials.

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Governance of RAC-CA

RAC-CA seeks to build our collective power to create the California of our dreams. Our structure includes professional staff, a statewide leadership team, issue research groups, and congregational social justice teams.

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Issue Research Teams

The RAC-CA Research Team looks into upcoming campaigns, including legislation on climate change, criminal justice, immigration, health care, housing, and gun violence prevention and more. Comprised of leaders from our congregations across California, this team seeks bills and ballot measures to set our legislative agenda and mobilize congregational social justice teams behind our priority campaigns. The RAC-CA Campaign Team guides the work of the statewide campaign, leading trainings and mobilizing congregations to work with our partners to build and advance our campaigns.

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