The Reform Movement's Racial Justice Campaign

In 2020, the Reform Movement launched Every Voice, Every Vote: The Reform Movement’s Civic Engagement Campaign with a focus on combatting voter suppression that particularly suppresses the votes and voices of Communities of Color. As Reform Jews, we are called to continue the fight for racial justice and fulfill the sacred work of creating a more just, compassionate, and whole world.

This campaign will address systemic racism by demanding policy change on the national level to ensure the U.S. federal Freedom to Vote and on the state level to advocate for racially just policies. It will also focus on reforming Canadian federal mandatory minimum laws and will push members of the Reform Jewish community to do essential Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) and antiracism work within our communities and ourselves.

Find information and resources below about our national, Canadian, state, and REDI/ antiracism work and learn how to get involved in this crucial work.

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Make your High Holidays Inclusive and Meaningful.

Use these resources to enhance your High Holiday experiences and create communities of belonging.

Resurfacing the Conversation About Reparations

It is well understood that there is no amount of money that can be paid to right the wrongs of the many atrocities and genocides that have warranted the payment of reparations. But to truly begin to heal the wounds caused by over 400 years of inequities and dehumanization, acknowledgment, a truth and reconciliation process, apology, and reparations would be places to start. Watch the recent webinar series "Understanding Reparations" to learn more.


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Support the Freedom to Vote: Join the Lobby Meetings

Reform Jews across the United States will meet virtually with their U.S. Senators July 26 - August 6 to advocate in support of the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Please indicate your interest in participating in lobby meetings with your Senators and let us know how you would like to take part.

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March On for Voting Rights.

On Saturday, August 28, the March On for Voting Rights, will take place in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami, Phoenix, Houston, and across the country as we protect voting rights and demand that Congress act bypassing federal voting rights legislation. Please follow all local health directives and remain at home if you feel unwell.

Watch the Racial Justice Campaign Launch

This is a recording of our campaign launch on April 28th, 2021.

Cardboard sign reading WE STAND AGAINST RACISM

What You Need to Know about the Racial Justice Campaign

This campaign aims to help dismantle systemic racism by educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals and communities to look inwardly to make communal change and outwardly to win legislative change.


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More Racial Justice Resources

Find materials designed for synagogues and communities to spur learning and conversation about systemic racism, racial diversity, and about how Reform Jews can continue to work for racial justice.