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Apply to join the L'Taken Staff Assistant Team!

Applications for the 2018-2019 L'Taken season are now open!

What is the L'Taken Seminar?
The Bernard and Audre Rapoport L'Taken Social Justice Seminar is a four-day conference in Washington, D.C., during which participants engage in learning about Jewish social justice values, the legislative process, and the pressing public policy issues of the day. The L’Taken Seminar culminates with a Capitol Hill lobby day. 

The RAC runs six L’Taken Seminars each year, between January and March, bringing together over 200 congregations and 2000 high school students.

Staff Assistant Roles and Responsibilities:

There are two different Staff Assistant roles:

  • Program Assistants support the work of both the RAC staff and congregational chaperones by assisting with the preparation and execution of programs, helping to supervise the students, staffing the off-site field trip, and lending an extra hand when needed. This is an ideal position for someone interested in learning more about program preparation and execution.
  • Event Assistants support the work of the RAC conference staff with on-site logistics such as registration, meals, workshops, and plenary set-up in addition to helping staff the off-site field trip, on-site transitions and other seminar-wide gatherings. Event Assistants support general customer service efforts throughout the conference. This is an ideal role for someone interested in learning more about event management and conference planning.

Staff assistants are expected to work from Friday evening (around 4:30 p.m.) until Sunday afternoon (around 1:15 p.m.). All meals and hotel accommodations are provided during this timeframe.

Qualified Staff Assistants:

  • Are college students or recent college graduates
  • Demonstrate a can-do attitude and an eagerness to jump in to ensure that programs run smoothly
  • Exhibit excellent customer service skills
  • Are eager to lend a helping hand
  • Can execute on instructions given verbally
  • Can spend many hours on their feet
  • Have not participated in the Burstein Fellowship before - staff assistants may only be Burstein Fellows once

Rabbi Marcus Burstein L’Taken Fellowship

The Rabbi Marcus Burstein L’Taken Fellowship is a special program open to returning L’Taken Staff Assistants in honor of a friend and colleague of the RAC and the Reform Movement, Rabbi Marcus Burstein. Rabbi Burstein passed away in 2016 and we seek to carry on his legacy and commitment to Torah, social justice and developing a new generation of Jewish leaders through the Rabbi Marcus Burstein L’Taken Fellowship.

This Fellowship is intended for returning Staff Assistants who have demonstrated excellent leadership and a commitment to social justice through their L’Taken work. The goals of the Burstein Fellowship are to strengthen the L’Taken experience for teens, to learn and grow as professionals, and to invest in future Reform Movement social justice leaders.

The following are the expectations of Burstein Fellows:

  • Staffing a minimum of three L’Taken weekends and taking on a greater leadership role during the weekend, both logistically and programmatically
  • Participating in four, 1-hour video conference sessions (mutually agreeable times) to be held between November – March
  • Important Fellowship information will be communicated via email prior to, during, and following the L’Taken season. These emails will include actionable items (requiring a minor time commitment) that we expect Fellows to complete and follow up on.
  • Following the L’Taken season, the Fellows will jointly author a blog post about their experience participating in the Fellowship and the ways this experience honored Rabbi Marcus Burstein’s commitment to Jewish leadership and social justice

Burstein Fellows will be paid at their regular weekend rate and will receive an additional stipend of a full weekend rate upon successful completion of the Fellowship.


Apply here to be a L’Taken Staff Assistant!

How much does a L’Taken staff assistant earn?

A L’Taken Staff Assistant's stipend varies by age and number of previous years worked as a Staff Assistant. The amounts listed below reflect the total that can be earned, working from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon:

  • If you are in college AND:
    • It is your first year working as a L'Taken staff assistant: $150
    • It is your second year working as a L'Taken staff assistant: $200
    • It is your third year (or more) working as a L'Taken staff assistant: $250
  • If you are out of college AND:
    • It is your first year working as a L’Taken staff assistant: $200
    • It is your second year (or more) working as a L’Taken staff assistant: $250

The RAC staff also needs help with various office tasks during the week leading up to and the week following a L’Taken Seminar. If you are available to work at the RAC office for four (4) hours during the week before or after a L’Taken Seminar, you will receive $50. Working this shift is not contingent on working the weekend of that seminar.

I have more questions about being a L'Taken Staff Assistant. Who can I contact?

Contact Shira Zemel, Director of Youth Leadership Development