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Gun Violence is a Problem in PA 

Gun violence impacts Pennsylvanians in all parts of the state across all demographics. Gun violence became a personal issue linked with antisemitism for our Jewish community in PA during the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on October 27th 2018. 


RAC-PA is working with CeaseFirePA to pass lifesaving gun violence prevention legislation in the PA State Legislature by the end of 2024. 


Jewish tradition teaches us, “Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed” (Leviticus 19:16). When we have the power to make a difference, and still choose to

do nothing, we are partly responsible for the epidemic of gun violence that is going on around us.


For years there has been broad popular support for gun violence prevention legislation in Pennsylvania, but it could not be achieved because of the political realities in the state legislature. But thanks to the redistricting work we supported in 2021, there is now real possibility for life-saving legislation to be passed in the state legislature has shifted.


Rabbi Chuck Briskin from Shir Ami in Newtown, PA spraking at a vigil outside of State Senator Frank Farry’s office on 12/8/2023, inviting him to join us in supporting The Common Agenda.

Rabbi Chuck Briskin from Shir Ami in Newtown, PA speaking at a vigil outside of State Senator Frank Farry’s office.

Sensible Gun Violence Protection Laws Are the Solution

The Senate

We are advocating to get a hearing & vote on two bills, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (HB 1018) & Universal Background Checks (HB 714), that were passed by the House on May 22, 2023. These bills are now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, nothing will happen unless we create the political urgency for a hearing to be called!

The House

5 new gun safety bills had hearings in the House on January 17th, and more are likely to follow. The next step is a vote. Our goal is to get more House Democrats to co-sponsor those bills in order to encourage the House leadership to bring them to a vote.

Full info on all the these bills & their statuses.

Take Action! 

End Gun Violence Advocacy Day in Harrisburg on May 7th 

Join us at the State Capitol for the peak of our campaign. Details about the day can be found on the registration page below. You will receive a follow-up email from Allie Kashan to place your order for your RAC-PA t-shirt. 

Register Today!

But you don't have to wait until May to take action!

In February:

Write letters to Senate leadership asking for hearings and votes on HB 1018 & HB 714. Letter writing guide.

In March:

Call-in Day 3/19 to Senate leadership with the same ask. Register Today!

In April:

Host/attend a screening of Deadly by Design at your congregation. Deadly by Design is an educational series of stories of people in PA who have experienced the impact of gun violence, tied directly to the individual bills we are trying to get passed. Get started with your plans to host a screening with our Screening Guide. 

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Our vision: Building on our Jewish values, Pennsylvania elections are fair and marked by integrity, district maps are racially equitable, and voting is unfettered.

Our mission: We amplify the work of organizations on the forefront of racial equity and voting rights in Pennsylvania and support the movement to pass national voter protection legislation.

Contact and Support Our Team

Contact Rachel Beck to learn more and get involved. You can support this critical work in Pennsylvania by donating online or contacting Margaret Cohen.