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RAC-PA 2023 Campaign to End Gun Violence


Join us on October 10th for a more in-depth training on preparing for your legislative meetings.
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an image from a RAC Gun Violence Prevention rally in 2018, March for Our Lives; boy holding up oranage sign with black letters that says "Fear has no place in our schools"

RAC-PA is engaged in a campaign in partnership with CeaseFirePA to pass a Common Agenda to End Gun Violence through the Pennsylvania State Legisture. This campaign is rooted in our Jewish beliefs and rabbinic thoughts: "Whomever saves a life, it is considered as if that person saved an entire world" (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5). Read more about the bills in the Common Agenda.

In October and November 2023, RAC-PA will be holding in-district meetings with our State Senators and House members, urging them to pass the four bills in the Common Agenda. If you are part of a Reform congregation, ask your clergy or social justice team how to be part of your congregation's in-district legislative meetings. If you are not part of a Reform congregation and would like to lead a small group of your friends/family/peers in an in-district meeting with your legislators, contact PA@rac.org.

Check out our guide for setting up and holding a powerful legislative meeting.


Our vision: Building on our Jewish values, Pennsylvania elections are fair and marked by integrity, district maps are racially equitable, and voting is unfettered.

Our mission: We amplify the work of organizations on the forefront of racial equity and voting rights in Pennsylvania and support the movement to pass national voter protection legislation.

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Contact Rachel Beck to learn more and get involved. You can support this critical work in Pennsylvania by donating online or contacting Margaret Cohen.