Every Voice, Every Vote: Take Action

Learn How to Participate in the Reform Jewish Movement's 2024 Campaign to Protect, Expand, and Strengthen Democracy

This campaign is made possible in part by the Leo and Libby Nevas Foundation.

Every individual has a role to play in strengthening democracy, combatting voter suppression, and ensuring that every eligible American can show up as a voter in the 2024 elections.  

Sign up to learn more about action opportunities and our campaign to mobilize voters. You can also sign up for leadership opportunity updates to mobilize your community or congregation. 

The Every Voice, Every Vote campaign is made possible in part by the Leo and Libby Nevas Foundation.

Action Opportunities

We work in partnership to contact people who are impacted by barriers to voting to ensure that everyone can participate in elections that will impact their lives. To learn more about our past efforts to contact voters, watch our 2022 Every Voice, Every Vote celebration and read more about our success mobilizing voters to protect reproductive freedom in Ohio in 2023.

Seven people sitting at a table writing postcards
Two people holding brochures that read "Know Your Rights"

Election Protection

We can protect democracy by making sure that every eligible voter can have their voice count and support the administration of free, fair, equitable, and accessible elections. Sign up today to serve as a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer or to staff a polling place in your community. 

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Trainings and Resources

Visit our Trainings and Resources Page for recordings of our previous training calls, and resources to help you move your community into action.