Every Voice, Every Vote: Take Action

Learn How to Participate in the Reform Jewish Movement's 2022 Campaign to Protect, Expand, and Strengthen Democracy

Every individual has a role to play in strengthening democracy, combatting voter suppression, and ensuring that every eligible American can show up as a voter in the 2022 elections.  

Sign up to learn more about action opportunities and our campaign to mobilize voters. You can also sign up for leadership opportunity updates to mobilize your community or congregation. 

We’ll be sharing: 

  • Action Opportunities led by partners who are mobilizing people of color and young people to show up as voters that you will be able to share with your congregation or community.  
  • Trainings to support you in using voter mobilization tools, building communities of belonging, moving members of your community to action, and taking strategic action to defend democracy.  
  • Strategies to invite your friends, family, and networks to take action with you.  

Action Opportunities

Our postcard program is the first action we are taking to contact voters as part of the 2022 Every Voice, Every Vote campaign! In partnership with the Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote Campaign to engage under-represented voters, our efforts will include voter education and helping people register and make a plan to vote.
We have options both for individuals to order postcard kits for themselves and for group leaders to order postcard kits for their congregations or communities.

Postcard kits include instructions, a script, key information, voter addresses, and 30 postcards. Individuals and group leaders will need to provide stamps.  

hand writing a postcard