Positions of the Reform Movement on Israel

The Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) have been outspoken in their support of the peace process. Throughout the Reform Movement's history, in times of peace and in times of strife, we have spoken out in unequivocal and unconditional support of the State of Israel and her people. This support stems from a love of the land and an understanding that the destinies of the Jewish people and of Israel are intertwined in an unbreakable connection (URJ Resolution, Support for Israel, 2009)

At the 2009 URJ Biennial in Toronto, the URJ passed a resolution reaffirming its support of Israel and its commitment to a two-state solution. Earlier in the year, the Union Executive Board passed a resolution calling on the governments of the United States and Canada "to help foster successful negotiations, to expand and deepen support for Israeli-Palestinian peace among Israel’s Muslim and Arab neighbors, in order to foster simultaneous progress toward Israeli-Palestinian and a broader regional peace."

After the Annapolis Peace Conference in 2007, the URJ passed a resolution at its Biennial later that year that called on Palestinians to meet their obligations under existing agreements and  Israel to negotiate on all final-status issues including settlements, borders, Jerusalem and refugees.

The resolutions below cover Israel's national and domestic security, U.S. and other foreign aid to and support for Israel, religious pluralism and progressive Judaism in Israel, and more.

Union for Reform Judaism Resolutions

  1. Joint Resolution on Upgraded Palestinian Status at the UN (2013)
  2. Israeli Arab Citizens (2009)
  3. Middle East Peace: The Urgent Need for Leadership (2009)
  4. Support for Israel (2009)
  5. Resolution on Iran (2009)
  6. Resolution Promoting Acceptance of Progressive Judaism In Israel and Opposing The Friedmann/Amar Agreement (2008)
  7. Support of the Annapolis Peace Conference (2007)
  8. Recognition on Israel’s 60th Anniversary (2007)
  9. Support of Targeted Divestment from Iran (2007)
  10. Divestment And Other Economic Actions As Obstacles To The Advancement Of Middle East Peace (2005)
  11. Israel (2005)
  12. Resolution Encouraging Pilgrimage To Israel Among Reform Jews (2004)
  13. Unilateral Withdrawals, Security Barriers, And Home Demolitions: 3 Challenges Facing Israel Today (2004)
  14. Israel and the Peace Process: The Urgent Need for Honesty, the Urgent Need for Progress (2001)
  15. Religious Pluralism in Israel (1999)
  16. Reaffirming Religious Pluralism in Israel (1998)
  17. Reform Pilgrimage to Israel (1997)
  18. Religious Freedom in Israel (1997)
  19. UAHC Financial Support for Reform and Progressive Judaism in Israel (1997)
  20. Education for the Children of Ethiopian Jews in Israel (1995)
  21. In Support of the Peace Process (1995)
  22. Threat to Reform Rights in Israel (1995)
  23. Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles (1993)
  24. Marriage in Israel (1993)
  25. On the Israeli-Palestinian Agreement (1993)
  26. Peace in the Middle East (1991)
  27. Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (1989)
  28. Resolution on Israel (1989)
  29. Funding for Reform Programs in Israel (1987)
  30. Israel and South Africa (1987)
  31. Israel #1 (1982)
  32. Israel #2 (1982)
  33. Israel and the Prophetic Vision (1981)
  34. Economic Support for Israel (1979)
  35. Religious Pluralism and Rights in Israel (1977)
  36. Aid to Israel (1973)
  37. Financing Israel Programming (1973)
  38. The UAHC Israel Program (1969)
  39. Liberal Judaism in Israel (1965)
  40. On the Middle East (1965)
  41. On the State of Israel (1950)

Central Conference of American Rabbis Resolutions

  1. CCAR Resolution Condemning the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign against Israel (2016)
  2. CCAR Expression of Love and Support for the State of Israel and Its People (2015)
  3. CCAR Resolution on the Temple Mount (2015)
  4. CCAR Resolution on Arab Citizens of Israel (2009)
  5. CCAR Resolution Calling Upon the Government Of Israel To Recognize Rabbi Miri Gold And To Cease Discrimination Against Non-Orthodox Jews (2009)
  6. CCAR Resolution on the 2009 Kairos Document (2009)
  7. Crisis in Gaza and the Negev (2009)
  8. Jerusalem Location of the Museum of Tolerance (2009)
  9. Resolution in Response to the Israeli High Court of Justice Ruling of May 19, 2009 (2009)
  10. Resolution on U.S. College and University Academic Work in Israel (2009)
  11. Resolution Concerning Ongoing Attacks from Gaza, Terrorism in Jerusalem and Israel's Quest for Peace (2008)
  12. Resolution on Israel at 60 (2008)
  13. 2008 United Methodist Church General Conference (2008)
  14. ARZA and the World Zionist Congress (2006)
  15. Gaza and the West Bank (2006)
  16. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority  (2006)
  17. Non-Orthodox Marriage and Divorce in Israel (2006)
  18. The Threat from Iran (2006)
  19. Encouraging Pilgrimage to Israel among Reform Jews (2005)
  20. Poverty in Israel (2005)
  21. Economic Actions Including Divestment as Obstacles to the Advancement of Middle East Peace(2005)
  22. Engagement with Israel (2005)
  23. The 2006 World Zionist Organization Elections (2005)
  24. Resolution on Supporting and Visiting Israel (2004)
  25. Discriminatory Administrative Home Demolitions in Israel (2004)
  26. Building of a Defensive Barrier Between Israel and Palestinian Communities (2004)
  27. Interns for Peace (2003)
  28. Where we Stand on Israel (2003)
  29. Proposed U.S. Aid to Israel (2003)
  30. 25th Anniversary of ARZA (2003)
  31. 100TH Anniversary of the Jewish National Fund (2002)
  32. Where We Stand on Israel (2002)
  33. CCAR Resolution on the Israel Supreme Court's Affirmation of Non-Orthodox Conversions (2002)
  34. Resolution on Progressive Judaism in the State of Israel (2002)
  35. Resolution on ARZA/WUNA Memberships (2001)
  36. Resolution on Peace in Israel (2001)
  37. Resolution on Social Justice in Israel (2001)
  38. Support for Religious Freedom in Israel (2000)
  39. Keeping Peace in Jerusalem (2000)