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The purpose of United States foreign policy is to create a more secure, prosperous, and democratic world for the benefit of the United States, its citizens, and allies. In an increasingly interdependent and rapidly changing world, international events affect every American. Successful U.S. international leadership is essential to security at home, better jobs and a higher standard of living, a healthier environment, safe travel and conduct of business abroad.

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Help the Uyghurs seek safe refuge in the United States

For several years, China has been perpetrating mass human rights abuses against the Uyghur Muslims and other religious minorities. The Chinese government has imposed surveillance tracking systems, detained as many as 1.8 million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), and coerced assimilation.

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Join the Fast For Ukraine

This Wednesday, March 16, we are joining with many organizations to encourage Jews everywhere, to join together in the spirit of the Fast of Esther by demonstrating solidarity with the people of Ukraine. One of the many ways you might do this is by fasting.

Showing We Care

Twenty-five hundred years ago the prophet Jeremiah called the world to stand against the rapacious kingdom of Babylon for its destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of Israel’s population. And in time Babylon did fall. Today the West and its allies are applying some of Jeremiah’s strategy against Russia.

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Human Trafficking Resources

Interfaith Toolkit: This interfaith resource on human trafficking is intended to be a starting point for faith communities around the country as they seek to educate themselves and take action during Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January.

Passover and Modern Slavery: This Passover, take time to remember that slavery didn’t end in Egypt as many people around the world are victims of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Israel Resources

Get Out the Vote for the World Zionist Congress in your congregation

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Contact Our Legislative Assistants

For more information on this issue, contact Ellen Garfinkle.

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Every Voice, Every Vote

The Reform Jewish Movement’s Every Voice, Every Vote Campaign is a nonpartisan effort, grounded in our Jewish values and commitment to racial justice, to strengthen our democracy by encouraging and protecting voter participation.