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Worship Resources - Music for Social Action Services

Tzedek Tirdof: A Social Action Songbook
This treasury of 25 of the world's most moving and powerful social action anthems includes sheet music and 2 cds.Available for purchase from URJ Books and Music.

Shabbat Tzedek Music Program
To celebrate the Religious Action Center's 50th Anniversary and the ongoing anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, we've compiled a list of great social justice songs to be used by congregations throughout our Movement.

Additional Songs
The following pieces of music are suggested for incorporation into social action-focused services. Many are available in Gates of Song or The Complete Shireinu, available through Transcontinental Music.

  1. And the Youth Shall See Visions- Friedman, Shireinu p20
  2. Ani v’Atah- Arik Einstein and Miki Gavrielov, Shireinu p28
  3. Bayom Hahu- Lisa Silverstein Tzur, Shir p32, Barry Kanarek, Shireinu p33
  4. Blessing for Social Justice: Lirdof Tzedek- Jeff Klepper, sheet music:totshabbat.com/kleppersocialjustice.pdf
  5. B’makom- Michael Isaacson, Shireinu p39
  6. Down by the Riverside- spiritual, Shireinu p56
  7. Dreamer- Lorre Wyatt, Shireinu 57
  8. Hinei Mah Tov- folksong, Shireinu p89, Steve and Marni Dropkin, Shireinu p89, M. Jacobson-Drozi, Shireinu p90, folksong, Shireinu p91
  9. Hold Fast to Dreams- music by Jeff Klepper, lyrics by A.B. Yehoshua, Langston Hughes, Shireinu p99
  10. If I Had a Hammer- Lee Hays and Pete Seeger
  11. Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li- folksong, arr. Davidson, Gates of Song #146, Debbie Friedman, Shireinu p106
  12. Kehillah Kedoshah- Dan Nichols, from his cd My Heart is in the East, sound clip & ordering:jewishrock.com
  13. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream- Ed McCurdy
  14. Laugh at All My Dreams-Friedman, M. Samuels on Sachki, Shireinu p 122
  15. Let Peace Shine- Lynn Metrik, ordering:lrmetrik@yahoo.com
  16. Lo Alecha- Klepper and Freelander, Shireinup135
  17. Lo Yarei’u/V’chit’tu- William Sharlin and Ezri Gabbai, Shireinu p136
  18. Lo Yisa Goi- folksong, arr. Davidson, Gates of Song #149, folksong Shireinu p137, Shalom Altman, Shireinu p138
  19. Make Those Waters Part- Doug Mishkin, Shireinup144
  20. Nefesh Achat- Jon Gold, Natalie Hutner, Leslie Kane, Alicia Katzman, Shireinu p154
  21. One People- Debbie Friedman, sheet music:debbiefriedman.com
  22. Open Your Hand- Karen Daniel, sound clip & ordering:cdbaby.com/cd/karendaniel
  23. Peace & Love & Understanding- Lynn Metrik, ordering:lrmetrik@yahoo.com
  24. Pit’chu Li- Shlomo Carlebach, Gates of Song#156 or Shireinu p166, Steve Dropkin, Shireinup167,
  25. Joe Black on his cd Leave a Little Bit Undone, sound clip & ordering:www.rabbijoeblack.com
  26. The Prophet You- Julie Silver, Shireinu p168
  27. Shir LaShalom- music by Yair Rosenblum, lyrics by Ya’akov Rotblitt, Shireinu p183
  28. V’yashvu Ish- Jeff Klepper and Dan Freelander, Shireinu p213
  29. Yad b’Yad- Craig Taubman, Shireinup216
  30. Yih’yeh Shalom- Rick Recht, Shireinup222
  31. We Choose Peace- Tracy Friend, ordering: tracy.friend@acnielsen.com

Read more:http://rac.org/social/worship/music/#ixzz3OkVN4heP