Relational Organizing: Use Our App to Mobilize Your Network

Use the Empower App, our relational organizing mobile app, to strengthen existing relationships and find common ground to build power and affect change. The Empower App is a tool that allows you to organize the people you know (friends, family, coworkers, congregants, etc.) to register and to vote.   

Get started

To get started, you’ll want to download the mobile app: get started with our National Empower app network and start organizing. Questions? Scroll down to read our FAQ.

Join the student network.

The national student network is designed for high school and college students to reach out to their social networks about pledging and registering to vote.

This is the right app for you to use if you’re a high school or college student and want to reach out to people in your social network (family, friends, and acquaintances) across the U.S.  



How do I download the app?

The app is asking me for an invitation code. What is the invitation code?

  • For the national network, use: racnational
  • For the student network, use: racstudents

I am still having trouble accessing the app. Any idea why?

As a security measure, the app uses multi-factor authentication. If you used your email address to sign up, you’ll be emailed a code. If you provided your cell phone number, you’ll receive the code via text message. This code must be inputted to verify the account.

I am still having trouble accessing the app. What should I do?

Email our staff,

I am concerned about providing my data and letting the app access my contact list.  How does Empower use my data?

Empower and the RAC take data privacy very seriously.  

You own your own data at all times. You're only giving permission for app to access your contacts so you can select the 10 people you want to reach out to. The app does NOT store your contacts or access them in any other way beyond providing you the ability to build your personal list and choosing who you want to reach out to. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can simply deny access to your contacts and add people manually.

The app also does NOT have access to your texting, messenger, or WhatsApp apps at any point. Those buttons only open up those other apps in your phone so you can have a conversation with that person on your list. That's why you report back about how it went using the survey questions in Empower.

No data is shared between your apps and Empower at any point. 

Am I supposed to use this app only to reach to people in my congregation/Reform Jewish community, or can I use this app to reach out to family and friends?

The Empower app can be used to contact anyone you know. You can use this app to reach out to people in your congregation, your family ,friends new and old, colleagues, etc.  Some congregations are thinking about how to have a 100% voting congregation and this tool can definitely help a team of people track outreach to your congregation. But some people may choose to use it to reach out to their own personal networks. The choice is yours! You can be in touch with our staff ( to discuss this option.