NAIJC Advocacy Strategy

Through the ADVOCACY STRATEGY, we urge congregants to advocate for legislation and policies on local, state and national levels to pass fair and compassionate immigration laws and ordinances, and to oppose laws and ordinances that penalize immigrants. You can advocate for or against legislation and ordinances by engaging your congregants to make calls, write emails and letters, text, amplify with social media, and meet in-person with your legislators and their staff. Use these advocacy efforts not only to pass or stop laws but to change the narrative about immigrants.

Resources for Advocacy

A unified voice from the Reform Jewish community is an important component of advocacy work. These resources and tools can be helpful in educating Jews across North America to stay informed on the issues and be part of a unified message to our elected officials.

Key Partners

Fostering partnerships and coalition building are vital pieces of advocacy work. The best way to build power is to work with groups of people most impacted by the policy change.