Democracy Is a Promise We Renew Every Day

Barbara Weinstein
January 8, 2021
Democracy is, indeed, a promise we renew not just on election day, but every day. Democracy does not exist independent of our contributions to it. Citizens and immigrants, voters, and presidents – all of us build democracy.

The COVID-19 Crisis and the Faith Community

Rabbi David Saperstein
November 9, 2020
In addressing epidemics, there are a number of provisions of Jewish law directly relevant to challenges we face today. The spirit of these laws and their wisdom speaks across the centuries to us now.

After the Election, Here's What We Know – and What We Don't

Barbara Weinstein
November 4, 2020
Here’s something we know about this election: Vulnerable and oppressed communities remain vulnerable and oppressed; this election was not a clear repudiation of white supremacy. Marginalized groups continue to be at risk from white supremacists and those who enable them.