RAC Day of Action: Building Power for Purpose in Washington D.C.

March 10, 2023Jacob Kraus-Preminger

Reform communities across North America have strengthened our Movement's collective power by engaging voters and advocating for racial justice. Last year, our Every Voice, Every Vote campaign brought community leaders and activists together in record numbers locally and on Zoom. Let's continue this work on May 10-11 together in Washington, D.C.

This May, social justice leaders and activists from across the Reform Jewish Movement will convene in Washington for a new event: our D.C. Day of Action. This gathering will provide an opportunity to deepen connections with others in our local communities and states, hear from keynote speakers about pressing climate change issues, and take action by advocating for policy change on Capitol Hill as part of our newly-launched Power for Purpose Campaign.

  • Keynote sessions will highlight essential voices, including LaTosha Brown, other partners, and elected officials.
  • Breakout sessions will focus on building relationships among state delegations, lobby meeting training, and planning for the next phase of our Power for Purpose Campaign.
  • Lobby meetings will provide an opportunity to act collectively by advocating around climate change.

How did we decide on a climate justice campaign?

Starting in November 2022, a team of lay and clergy leaders from across the Reform Movement began researching potential federal action campaigns on urgent issues. This leadership team met with experts on each of these issues to learn about their strategies for the year.

We held two town hall meetings in February 2023 to learn about potential campaigns and gauge interest. Nearly 500 people participated, helping guide the leadership team's decision-making process. Given the many opportunities for action and the clear impact we can have as a Movement, the team selected climate justice as our 2023 Power for Purpose campaign. We know climate justice affects us all, and disproportionately affects disadvantaged people, People of Color, and other marginalized groups.

What will the climate justice campaign look like?

We have a significant opportunity this year to protect our health, air, land, water, and wildlife. One of our key partners in this work, the Climate Action Campaign, has identified 20 actions the Biden Administration can take that would cut climate pollution in half by 2030 while also advancing environmental justice. While the administration has made progress on some of these protections, others are behind schedule. We must continue our work in solidarity to build support at all levels for policies that will advance environmental justice.

We all have a role to play: we can contact the Biden administration, reach out to those who might influence the administration (such as members of Congress and people with power in your own community), and move those in our communities and networks to act with us.

The Power for Purpose Campaign is our opportunity to bring our Movement together to address the climate crisis and deliver a clean, healthy, and livable future for all communities; particularly those most impacted by climate pollution. We will be urging the administration to use the tools available to them to cut climate pollution in half by 2030 in an equitable way.

The Day of Action is a peak moment in this campaign. We hope you will continue to act by joining us in Washington.

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