Three Empty Chairs Project

Raise awareness of captive Israeli soldiers by leaving 3 chairs open at community events.

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  • Build unity between American Jewish community and Israel.
  • Inspire congregants towards legislation, rallying and programming aimed at assisting the three kidnapped soldiers.
  • Remind community that the lives of other families, very much like their own, have been disrupted by the kidnapping of three sons.



SOS: Save Our Soldiers is a movement to raise awareness for captured Israeli soldiers, Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser, and Gilad Shalit. This movement “demonstrates a deep commitment to advocacy and tikkun olam by pushing legislation, rallying and programming about this important issue.”


Encourage your congregation to leave empty chairs symbolizing the three missing soldiers during celebrations, holiday services or other events. This symbolic gesture sends a message to the families of the missing soldiers, as well as connecting these events to the state of Israel. Designate the chairs with Israeli flags or symbolic gestures.


SOS encourages congregations to take pictures of their 3 Empty Chairs Project participation and send it to For more information, visit