Civic Engagement

Election Season 2020

As Reform Jews, we work for a world where all people experience wholeness, justice, and compassion. One of the easiest ways to make our voices heard is at the ballot box. The Reform Movement is working toward maximum voter engagement across the US. Will you join us?

Sukkot: Festival of Voting Booths

Rabbi Scott M. Nagel
Rabbi Susan N. Shankman
Rabbi Randi Nagel
It is a tradition that we observe as Americans as well, as we enter into booths each fall (and occasionally at other moments during the year) in order to make our voices heard and exercise our right to vote.

NFTY Civic Engagement Action Night


Join NFTY and the RAC for a night of phone-banking to combat voter suppression. This is an easy way to ensure every voice is heard and every vote is counted in our election, and we will give you everything you need to be successful from our partners at Reclaim Our Vote.