Project Ezra

Non-profit organization that serves the Jewish elderly of the Lower East Side in New York City.

Community Contact Information:
Project Ezra
New York, NY


  • Provide comfort to elderly Jews.
  • Welcome elderly Jews into the synagogue for a special day of honor.

Project Ezra is a non-profit organization serving the Jewish elderly of the Lower East Side of New York. It provides group programs, peoplehood events, programs for the Russian-speaking population, elderly transportation, social work services, direct relief, a homemakers program, food distribution and runs a burial fund. Volunteers are needed to participate in these activities. Volunteers take individuals shopping, provide home visits, and facilitate medical assistance. Synagogues can be a part of the Ma Tov Collective, an ally of Project Ezra. On any given Sunday in the Spring, the elderly people served by Project Ezra are "Honored Guests for a Day." Congregants provide "honored guests" with lunch, entertainment, a take-home bag of food and other assorted goodies.

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