Pesach: Reading Inserts

Table Tents on Passover & Labor Justice
These downloadable sheets can be printed and folded into convenient conversation-starters on the minimum wage for your seder or community event.

Ten Plagues: Social Justice Perspectives
As we recite the plagues, we pour out ten drops of wine, lessening our joy, to remember the plagues set upon Egypt. In today's world, there are many societal cruelties and injustices that can cause us to diminish our joy.

The Seder Plate
Alongside the traditional items on the Seder Plate, try some of these modern symbolic additions.

Four Cups of Wine
While our tradition applies specific meaning to the four cups of wine found within the Passover seder, many modern Haggadot have begun to reinterpret the original four cups.

Ha Lachma Anya/ Bread of Affliction
This reading provides the primary textual inspiration for feeding the hungry during Passover as well as calling for an end to slavery.

The Four Questions
This part of the Seder allows for much creativity in the text and inclusion of social action themes or questions.

Dayenu: It Would Have Been Enough
Dayenu is a song of thanks for the myriad of miracles which took place during the Exodus. It can also allow us to express our gratitude for recent miracles.

Miriam's Cup
This set of readings was formulated in order to highlight and celebrate Miriam’s role in the deliverance from slavery and her leadership throughout the wandering in the wilderness.

Reproductive Justice Haggadah Insert
Click here to download our reproductive justice haggadah insert. Corresponding to the four cups of wine, this insert relates crucial reproductive justice topics to the themes of Passover, including equality, deliverance, redemption and liberation. 

Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, is the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. Over twenty million people, including five million children, are victims of human trafficking each year. This Passover, consider supplementing your seder our haggadah insert to remember that slavery didn’t end in Egypt as many people around the world are victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking.
As we join together at the Seder table, in remebrance and celebration of our liberation from Egypt, let us also keep in mind the millions of people throughout the world who are still seeking refuge. 
This year, you can place a banana on your seder plate as a reminder of children around the world who have been forced to flee their homes and are facing this modern day exodus.