Greening Reform Judaism

One generation goes and another generation comes; but the Earth remains forever. (Kohelet 1:4)

Greening Reform Judaism endeavors to promote environmental awareness, integrating Jewish values, learning and actions that promote sh'mirat ha-adamah - protection and renewal of the world.

Earn a GreenFaith Shield

The RAC is covering tuition for up to 20 Reform congregations to enroll in the GreenFaith Energy Shield Program, which will guide congregations to become leaders in sustainable practices and spiritual approaches to environmental values. Enroll today!

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URJ Camps and Congregations Go Green!

Check out all the innovative ways URJ Camps and congregations are going green. From bringing trees in to the sanctuary to planting community gardens, this interesting and instructive slide show will give you myriad ways to green your community!

Just Table, Green Table

At the 2009 Biennial, Rabbi Yoffie called for a commitment to ethical eating, asking synagogue leaders to "carefully, thoughtfully, Jewishly" formulate new eating guidelines for their communities. Visit the Program Bank for developing new food policies, planting community gardens, and educating membership about righteous, healthy eating.

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