The Path Forward on Abortion Resource Guide

April 13, 2023

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January marked 50 years since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that affirmed the constitutional right to abortion. Unfortunately, in June of 2022, this decision was overturned in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

On Friday evening, April 7, 2023, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas ordered the Food and Drug Administration to suspend its two-decade-old approval of mifepristone, one of two medications commonly used in medication abortion.  At the same time, a federal judge in Washington State issued a conflicting ruling. Kacsmaryk's decision (if upheld) jeopardizes access to mifepristone and could remove mifepristone from the market nationwide.  In response, Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Texas Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC-TX) leader, and Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Executive Director of Women of Reform Judaism, released a statement on behalf of the Union for Reform Judaism and Women of Reform Judaism. Read the full statement denouncing Judge Kacsmaryk's decision.

Mifepristone is still available. Most recently, following complex court battles, the United States Supreme Court ruled to stay Judge Kacsmaryk’s mifepristone ruling in full, rejecting court-imposed restrictions as the appeals process continues. This means there will be no change in the availability of mifepristone for now.


  1. Amplify & and Plan C Guide to Abortion Pill Access for people seeking abortion care
  2. Contact Congress and urge them to support
    • the EACH Act to repeal the Hyde Amendment and eliminate a financial barrier to care      
    • the Women's Health Protection Act to create a federal safeguard against state bans and restrictions that obstruct or delay access to care 
  3. Donate to abortion funds, which provide financial assistance, travel, lodging, and many other types of support to abortion seekers. Support the RAC and WRJ our efforts to mobilize a Reform Jewish response at the national, state, and local levels.
  4. Participate in the Bans Off Our Bodies Weekend of Action on April 15 & 16. Attend the Interfaith Gathering at 10 AM and the Speak Out for Abortion at 12 PM on April 15 in Washington, DC, or find an event near you. 


  • To participate in advocacy efforts:
    • Contact your local Planned Parenthood organization to be plugged into local advocacy campaign efforts and community care work.
    • Sign the Petition to urge the Biden-Harris Administration to ensure access to the FDA approved medication, mifepristone, and to take all necessary action to protect patients and providers.
    • Get involved in state and federal advocacy for state protections, constitutional amendments, and legislation.
  • To find information on receiving abortion care:
  • To support providers and abortion seekers:
    • Donate to Abortion Funds: Funding for patient care. Learn about NNAF's demands for creating a future where all people have access to abortion without shame or stigma.
    • Support/Share Practical Support Organizations (PSO's): PSOs help abortion seekers with travel and logistical support
    • Volunteer with Operation Save Abortion!
    • Adopt-A-Clinic: Abortion Access Front works with clinics across the country to keep track of urgently needed items like underwear, snacks, and gift cards for patients traveling for care. You can select the clinic or fund you want to support and then purchase items that will be shipped to that clinic or funded directly.
  • To destigmatize abortions:

Watch the RAC, WRJ, and CCAR's webinar from May 2022 to learn more about actions you can take to support abortion access!



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