What is Kosher?: Sinai Temple (Springfield, MA)

When they began to discuss synagogue food policies a few years ago, members of the social action committee at Sinai Temple were engaged in a conversation about kashrut. However, as they began to explore contemporary eating issues, the committee expanded to the broader implications of Jewish values for our eating decisions, including environmental sustainability, animal welfare, healthy eating, and labor concerns. The resulting policy encourages serving and consuming food with minimal packaging to reduce waste, utilizing local, organic, and Fair Trade products where possible, and exploring vegetarian alternatives to traditional meals.

Sinai’s work is guided by Abraham Joshua Heschel’s teaching that “The Jewish way of living is an answer to a supreme human problem, namely:  How should a person, a being created in the image of God, think, feel, and act?” coupled with the Reform Movement’s commitment to continually reexamine our traditions and their contemporary implications. You can read the full food policy on Sinai Temple's website. For more information contact Rabbi Mark Shapiro.