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Social Action/Social Justice Drive of the Month

A monthly endeavor to collect various items to benefit organizations that provide aid and assistance to people in need. These organizations serve the homeless and people of all faiths.

Temple Sinai
3509 S. Glencoe Street
Denver, CO 80237

Target Groups: Multi-Generational Social Action Program

Aims and Goals:

1. Goal is to provide food and other items needed by organizations that help relieve the suffering of the downtrodden.

2. Social Action/Social Justice Committee is responsible for the promotion of the monthly drive. The number of volunteers carry depending on each monthly drive.

3. The program relies completely on donations from congregants, and the community, to fulfill the monthly drive needs. 

4. Promotes awareness of community needs and is an educational experience for the pre-school and religious school children who are often asked to participate, as well as the congregation in general.

5. It is an ongoing program and has been in effect for five years. The congregation expects to continue its progress.

Community Involvement

This program has actively involved the religious school and pre-school children, chavurot, youth groups, brotherhood, sisterhood, as well as the members at large. Often donations are received from people outside the congregation.


This program promotes Jewish values, builds alliances with community groups of all faiths and helps educate the members of the congregation about social problems existing in Metropolitan Denver, and on occasion, outside of Denver, as the current drive is for soldiers overseas.