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Race Relations: Black Jewish Relations Resources



A Common Road to Freedom Edited by Leonard Fein and Rabbi David Saperstein

Designed with Black/Jewish seders in mind, the newest edition of the heralded Black/Jewish Passover hagaddah is rich in new songs, ancient and contemporary writings, and reflections by Jewish and African American leaders. Scores of synagogues, communities and college campuses have held Black/Jewish seders during the Passover season using A Common Road to Freedom .

 A Common Road to Justice Edited by Rabbi Lynne F. Landsberg and Rabbi David Saperstein

Published by the Marjorie Kovler Institute for Black Jewish Relations, co-sponsored by the Union and the NAACP, A Common Road to Justice is a programming manual for Black/Jewish relations. The manual includes extensive background information on the history of Black/Jewish relations, several creative and helpful programming suggestions, sample liturgies and model sermons, as well as a list of additional resources.


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