Reform Movement Requests Urgent Meeting with Donald Trump; Engages in Movement-Wide Conversation on Leadership and Human Dignity

Contact: Max Rosenblum or Jacob Kraus
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Press Release from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 18, 2016  - Today, the Reform Movement reached out directly to Donald Trump, requesting a meeting at the earliest possible date to discuss our concerns about his campaign rhetoric and views, which have included appeals to bigotry and have been offensive to women, people of color, and others. Such statements have challenged our longstanding commitment to civil rights, religious freedom, gender equality and other deeply held American values.

In advance of Mr. Trump’s appearance at the AIPAC Policy Conference, we have released resources for use by our congregations, congregants and clergy to engage with Mr. Trump and the candidates and issues surrounding the 2016 election campaign. This moment is an opportunity for Jews across the political spectrum to reflect on the views and values of leadership and human dignity that we should expect from our elected officials.

We encourage all American Jews who tune into Mr. Trump’s session, whether in person or via live-stream, to use these resources as a Jewish lens through which to view the program. Of course, many Policy Conference attendees will choose to leave the room during Mr. Trump’s address; we encourage those attendees to gather together outside the meeting room to study this resource in groups. We hope and expect that all reactions will be respectful.

Above all, we remain committed to deep engagement with the issues that challenge us as Reform Jews and as Americans.