Barbara Lerman-Golomb

Barbara Lerman-Golomb is an author, experiential environmental educator and educational materials designer. For over 20 years she has been working to create healthy, sustainable communities. She is a member of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, the Friends of the Board of the Northeast Camp Commission, 350NYC, and the Advisory Board of Green Seal, and she oversees a community garden initiative. As a former executive director of Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL), she originated the nationwide climate change campaign, “How Many Jews Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?” and was featured in Lilith magazine as an “eco-revolutionary.” You can read more on her blog, A Life in Many Small Parts.

Nipping it in the Bud

Barbara Lerman-Golomb
January 22, 2016

This blog post originally appeared on the Huffington Post.

Ah springtime…the chirping of birds, the buzzing of insects, the budding of trees. But wait a minute. It’s not spring.

Women, the Driving Force

Barbara Lerman-Golomb
May 25, 2012

The author of this post, Barbara Lerman-Golomb, is a member of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism.

I never defined myself as a feminist. Then about 10 years ago I began writing a semi-autobiographical children's novel about being the lead...