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Urgency of Now Initiative

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In 2017, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism launched the 
Urgency of Now Initiative on behalf of the Reform Jewish Movement

Developing a strong network of active and empowered congregations is imperative to the sacred work of תקון עולם (tikkun olam), repairing the world. The Urgency of Now Initiative focuses on building power and momentum across North America by engaging congregations in issue-specific social justice work that enables us to grow and learn from one another.  

In a polarized political climate, this Initiative helps congregations come together, initiate important and sometimes challenging conversations about the type of social justice work that best fits your community, and then map power and available resources to discern where to focus efforts for the greatest possible impact.

Join us to build a network of strong congregational teams committed to acting powerfully and effectively in local communities and within a broader movement to create long-lasting positive change across North America.  


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How do I get involved?

Immigrant Justice Campaign

The Immigrant Justice Campaign is designed to encourage URJ congregations to declare themselves "Immigrant Justice" Congregations, signifying their work to protect and defend undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

To self-designate as an “Immigrant Justice” Congregation, a community must be doing one or more of the following: actively supporting undocumented immigrants with financial, legal, materials or other forms of support, working to advance pro-immigration policies and legislation on a local, state or federal level or providing physical shelter to one or more undocumented immigrants within their facilities (also known as providing “Sanctuary”).

North American Immigrant Justice Campaign website
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More RAC resources on Immigration 


Transgender Rights Campaign

The Transgender Rights Campaign addresses a dangerous shift in how transgender and gender non-conforming students will be treated in public schools.

We are engaging Reform Jewish leaders all over the country to team up with local activists and stakeholders to demand that school districts enact policies that will uphold the civil rights of transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Transgender Rights Campaign Website
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More RAC resources on transgender rights

Criminal Justice Reform Campaign

The Criminal Justice Reform Campaign pursues our vision for racial justice by working to end mass incarceration and racial disparities in our criminal justice system.

Congregations that participate in our campaign will use the "Reflect, Relate, Reform" framework to deepen their capacity to organize for racial justice and join in local efforts to change criminal justice policies and practices in their communities.

Racial Justice: Criminal Justice Reform campaign website
RAC resources on criminal justice reform
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