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Tu Bishvat Resources: If I Love A Tree

I Love a Tree

By Samuel N. Baxter


When I pass to my reward, whatever that may be, I’d like my friends to think of me as one who loved a tree.


I might not have a statesman’s poise, nor thrill a throng with speech, but I may benefit mankind if I set out a beech.


If I transplant a sapling oak to rear its mighty head t’will shade and shelter to those who come long after I am dead.


If in the park I plant an elm where children come to play t’will make for them a childhood shrine that will not soon decay.


Or if I plant a tree with fruit, on which the birds may feed, then I have fostered feathered friends and that’s a worthy deed.


For winter when the days grow short and spirits may run low, I’d plant a pine upon the scape t’would lend a cherry glow.


I’d like a tree to mark the spot where I am laid to rest for that would be the epitaph that I would like the best.


Tho it’s not carved upon a stone for those who come to see but friends would know that resting there is he, who loved a tree.