Travel Justly - Funds to Green the Reform Movement

Travel, attending conferences, hosting events - all of these typical congregational events have carbon-intensive impacts on the environment.  Grants from the Travel Justly fund can help expand your congregation's work on environmental sustainability or food justice to combat the impact of these activities. 

The Basics: FAQ and Application Guidelines

Download: Quick Guide to Labor-and-Eco-Friendly Travel

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Applications for 2016 grants are currently closed. Contact Liz Mitlak, Congregational Engagement Fellow, with any questions.

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Having Trouble Thinking of a Project?

Here are a few examples of past projects and programs:

  • Converting all light bulbs to LED lights.
  • Installing motion sensors to shut off lights after the room has been left unused for a specific amount of time.
  • Adding faucet aerators to sinks to reduce the amount of water waste.

Past Travel Justly Projects

Congregations across the country have used their Travel Justly grants in a variety of different ways. These are the 2016 Grant Winners!

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Labor-Friendly Travel

Each time we travel, we interact with myriad people and communities, seen & unseen. Countless livelihoods rely on these interactions.

We can take steps to ensure that our travels have a positive impact on all people, including hotel and transportation workers. Learn more about the Reform Movement's commitment to fair and just labor laws in our 2005 Resolution on Workers' Rights in the United States

How to treat workers justly while you travel


For more information on this program, contact Liz Mitlak, Congregational Engagement Fellow, at (202) 387-2800.