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A Time of Disappointment

A Time of Disappointment

Chizku v’imzu; al tiru. . . kee Adonai Elohehecha hu haholaech imach, lo yarpecha v’lo ya’azvecha.

Be strong and of good courage; have no fear . . . for Adonai your God is the One who goes with you, never failing you or forsaking you.

My high hopes have been brought low, and in place of contentment I feel pain and distress. O God of life, even as You renew the work of creation day by day, so, now, help me find renewal in my time of sadness and disappointment. Now, especially, I need the healing touch of Your love. It is written, "God is my refuge and my strength, a very present help in time of trouble." Help me to feel that help. Let Your presence be a light within to dispel the darkness. Let your nearness, Your silent speech within my heart, be a comfort to me.

I pray for courage to carry on in the face of disappointment, for the wisdom to learn from adversity, for the strength to build a new and better life. Your spirit can transform affliction into salvation; enlighten me, therefore, that I may look to the dawn of a new day with confidence and trust. May hope abide beyond the moment's loss. For You, O God of hope, are my sustaining power, even when I have fallen. Keep me from self-recrimination. Give me peace of mind and contentment of spirit. Amen.