Tikkun Olam Religious School Project

The Temple created a Tikkun Olam project for every grade of the religious school. In this way, students learned Jewish texts throughout the year, were involved in the project with their families, and were able to build ongoing relationships with other Temple families.

Temple Emanu-El
2100 Highland Avenue
Birmingham, Alabama 35205
(205) 933-9941

Target Groups: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Adults, Senior Citizens, Family Program, Multi-generational Social Action Program.

Seeking to ensure that as many members as possible get involved with tikkun olam, Temple Emanu-El integrated the work of repairing the world into every grade in its religious school. Every grade level was assigned its own project, which students learned about throughout the year; they also participated in "action" projects several times over the course of the year. Projects ranged from Jewish seniors outreach to rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities, from caring for animals to a women's shelter, from AIDS awareness to homelessness. By identifying agencies with which each grade would work, this project provided children and their parents ongoing learning experiences and built ongoing relationships. Over twenty-five percent of the congregation is involved with at least one project. Awareness of the program (and morale of the participants) is enhanced by selling "Tikkun Olam" t-shirts. This is the first year of what has the potential to truly transform a congregation and a community.