Teens for Teens iMitzvah: ORT America

Bar and Bat Mitzvah students participate in meaningful i-fundraising efforts with ORT America and help fellow students around the world.

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ORT America’s Teens for Teens iMitzvah Program gives Bar and Bat Mitzvah students the opportunity to raise funds as part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and support worthwhile ORT educational programs in Israel or around the world.

Participants can sign-up for one of two projects – build their own website and fund-raise throughout their community! The two ORT America projects are:

  1. Sponsor a student at risk! By raising $550, you can keep a student in school by providing hot meals, transportation, textbooks, school supplies and shoes for one year to a student in need. These funds support students in one of 22 countries – including Israel, France, India, Italy, Russia, the former Soviet Union and Argentina. Without this help, these young people do not have the bus fare to travel to school, are too hungry to learn, too embarrassed by their clothing and even lack shoes to wear to school.
  2. Adopt a computer! Imagine never being on the Internet or having a computer! You can help a student keep up with the fast-paced world of technology by raising money to purchase a laptop computer for one or more ORT students in Israel, Argentina or the former Soviet Union. B’nai Mitzvah students can even have their name placed on the donated computer! The cost of one computer with software is $1,000.

ORT America provides participants with fundraising tips and advice, a personalized URL on the www.ortamerica.org site for fundraising and awareness, a Teens for Teens iMitzvah t-shirt, and a Certificate of Recognition.