Power for Purpose: Resources for Leaders

Now is the time to work with those who have been elected to protect our democracy and safeguard our future by taking action on the urgent climate crisis. It is your role, as leaders in this campaign, to move members of your congregation or community into action. The RAC will provide trainings and resources for volunteer leaders like yourself on how to move members of your congregation or community into effective action. Together we will prevent the devastation of climate change and strengthen our democracy.

We want to hear from you! If you are planning an event in your community, or already did one, let us know. Your feedback and reporting helps us show how powerful we are together and learn what is working across the Movement. Fill out our planning and reporting form today.

Tools for LeadersĀ 

Campaign Glossary: This page clarifies some key terms related to our climate justice work.

Strategy Worksheet: This worksheet is based on one from the D.C. Day of Action and includes key questions to help you plan local campaign actions.

Clergy Toolkit: This toolkit is for clergy members to help plan sermons, programs, and other calls to action connected to the Power for Purpose Campaign

Campaign Toolkit: This toolkit includes information on our campaign goals, process, and how to encourage others to take action.

Campaign Flyer: You may print, post, or share this flyer, which includes a link and a QR code directing individuals to the campaign's take action page.

Submit Local Power Player Comments: Use this form to collect comments in favor of strong climate regulations from local green business owners, elected officials, or other power players.

Training Recordings

Check out these recorded trainings to learn more about the Power for Purpose Campaign and how you can move your community into action:

Campaign Orientation: Learn more about our climate justice strategy and how to run a Power for Purpose Campaign Orientation in your own community.

Moving Your Community Into Action: Learn more about how to move members of your community to act, answer questions about the campaign, and the process of making comments.

The Sacred Earth Virtual Book Launch: Produced in collaboration with the Shalom Center and CCAR Press, learn more about how Judaism compels us into action for climate justice.

All Politics is Local: Learn more about how you can encourage local power players, such as green business owners and local elected officials, to voice support for strong climate protections.

Rabbis Acting for Climate Justice: Learn about resources Rabbis can use to move people into action around climate justice leading up to and during the High Holidays.

Stay Tuned

In the Fall of 2023, we are planning to lead a series of trainings for leaders across the Movement to connect with one another and develop valuable skills to protect democracy and create lasting change in 2024 and beyond.

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