Guidelines for Writing Postcards to Floridians About Reproductive Freedom

The Reform Movement through RAC-FL and Women of Reform Judaism is partnering with the "YES on 4, Floridians Protecting Freedom" campaign to protect reproductive freedom through a November ballot amendment. As part of this campaign, we are making sure voters know about this important ballot measure. Our postcards, and the talking points provided, educate voters about what is at stake for reproductive freedom in Florida and why it matters. We will urge voters to engage with the democratic process and vote YES on Issue 4 to limit government interference with abortion access.

Postcarding will take place between now and September 2024.

First, order a postcard kit. Each postcard kit contains instructions, a script, voter addresses, and 30 postcards. You will need to provide the stamps.

  • If you are postcarding with a group, make sure everyone fills out the nonpartisan pledge. A QR code can also be found on the bottom of this page.
  • Use only cards provided by the RAC,with the clear messages about the election.
  • Please use the script as a guide: These talking points were written in collaboration with our partner organizations for specific voter groups. Please only use the specific talking points listed and remain nonpartisan.
  • Please respect and protect voter privacy: Shred and delete voter address lists when done. Cover personal info if taking photos of your written postcards to share with friends.
  • Neatly hand write and address: a personal touch . Do not pre-print addresses or script. If your handwriting is iffy, please have a friend check your cards for legibility. Here is an example.
  • Please use color to underline or highlight key phrases or decorate a bit. This makes our cards eye-catching and personal; more likely to be noticed, picked up and read!
  • Leave 1" space under the address for the Post Office to affix or print a barcode, and ample room at the top for the postmark. No decorative stickers, as they can jam postal scanners.
  • Please make sure all postcards are mailed by October 1st at the latest!
  • Feel free to ask questions to
  • Before you begin writing your postcards take a moment to mark the moment with a blessing. Take what could be a mundane act and elevate it to a higher level. You can offer the blessing provided on the small card or another of your own choosing or creation.
  • Learn more and get involved in RAC-Florida's Reproductive Justice Campaign

Thank you for helping protect reproductive freedom and democracy through postcarding with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism! 

Scan to fill out the Nonpartisan Pledge!

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