Reclaim Our Vote: Guidelines for Postcard Writers

Please note that you will receive the specific Georgia runoff language in your kit that is being mailed to you.

front of postcard

Post addressed to the following: 

Janelle Jones
123 Elm St.
Anytown, XX

Bank of a handwritten post card

Bank of a handwritten post card that reads:

Dear Miss Jones,

Protect voting rights, Medicare + Social Security. Vote ASAP in the Dec 6 Senate Runoff!

Pack Water (Blank space in the middle of the post card that reads "place label here" Bring Friends!

Sincerely, Anna, volunteer, Georgia NAACP

The Reform Movement has partnered with the Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote Campaign to contact high potential voters of color to help them register and vote.

First, order a postcard kit. Each postcard kit contains instructions, a script, labels for the script (registrar contact information or pledge to vote), voter addresses, and 30 postcards. You will need to provide the stamps.

  • If new to postcard-writing with the RAC and ROV, please watch this short introductory video.
  • Use only cards provided by the RAC or ROV, with inclusive, multi-racial images and uplifting messages.
  • Postcards require “Forever” Postcard stamps as postage. Please buy coral reefs, barn, or other neutral designs. Flags are unfortunately associated with voter suppression and intimidation for many. Here is a link to purchase stamps.
  • Please don’t change, edit, or add to scripts: Wording is written in collaboration with our respected community of color partner organizations for specific voter groups.
  • Please respect and protect voter privacy: Shred and delete voter lists when done. Cover personal info if taking photos of your written postcards to share with friends.
  • Neatly hand write and address: a personal touch. Do not pre-print addresses or script. If your handwriting is iffy, please have a friend check your cards for legibility. Examples are at the top of this page.
  • DO use the pre-printed labels with county info, for accuracy and legibility. If printing labels from our templates, use “actual size” printer setting for proper alignment.
  • Please use color to underline or highlight key phrases, or decorate a bit. This makes our cards eye-catching and personal; more likely to be noticed, picked up and read!
  • If new to postcarding with the RAC or ROV, please email your postcard group leader (if applicable) or the RAC a photo of your first completed card to check over before you continue to write.
  • Leave 1” space under address for the PO to affix or print a barcode, and ample room at the top for the postmark. No decorative stickers, as they can jam postal scanners. 
  • Etiquette varies by region and culture, and shows respect. For salutations (e.g. Dear Mr _), please carefully follow the directions in your script for the list you’re given.
  • Feel free to ask questions of the person leading your group or of the RAC campaign team.
  • Before you begin writing your postcards take a moment to mark the moment with a blessing. Take what could be a mundane act and elevate it to a higher level. You can offer the blessing provided on this small card or another of your own choosing or creation. 
  • Feel free to ask questions email or 202-387-2800.
  • Learn more and get involved in the Every Voice, Every Vote Campaign