Every Voice, Every Vote

The Reform Movement's 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign

As Reform Jews, we believe democracy is strongest when everyone participates – and it suffers when citizens are shut out from the democratic process or choose not to engage. 

The Reform Jewish Movement’s 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign encourages all U.S. citizens to exercise their right to vote and to break down obstacles that shut some out of the voting booth.

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What is this campaign?  

Every Voice, Every Vote is the Reform Jewish Movement’s 2020 civic engagement campaign, a nonpartisan effort to strengthen our democracy by encouraging everyone to participate in the U.S. election and ensuring that Reform Jewish values are represented in the public square.

What does the campaign entail?

This campaign has three areas of focus:

  1. Mobilizing our voters: With outreach in our congregations and communities, our goal is 100 percent voter participation. Learn more.
  2. Combating voter suppression: We’re working in coalition to achieve universal voter access and encourage universal participation. Learn more.
  3. Engaging student voters: We’re working with youth leaders to significantly increase the number of young voters. Learn more.

Who is this campaign for?

We know our impact is strongest when we all act together. If you believe that civic engagement is important for the Jewish community, we want you with us!

This campaign aims to mobilize the entire Reform Jewish Movement, including, congregations, NFTY regions, WRJ sisterhoods, camp communities, and students. It also includes opportunities for individuals to participate, independent of organized communities.

How can I get involved?

  1. Contact Voters: 
    • Wednesday, October 28, from 6 pm - 8 pm ET Our last Action Night - Phone Bank with Reclaim Our Vote to contact voters in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or Texas.
    • Thursday, October 29 at 6pm ET Mobilize low propensity voters in Florida: In partnership with the New Florida Majority Education fund, to make calls to low propensity voters across the state of Florida. This effort will help to expand democracy for all Floridians by increasing the number of engaged and informed voters and ensure that every Floridian’s voice is heard and every vote counted in this election.
    • Sunday, November 1st from 1 pm - 11 pm ET. Join for a shift during Reclaim Our Vote's CALLAPALOOZA! Reach out to voters of color in in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or Texas.
  2. Make sure that every eligible voter's voice counts.
    • See a list of all opportunities in our Election Protection 2020 Toolkit
    • In making your decision, remember that pikuach nefeshpikuach nefeshפִּקּוּחַ נֶפֶשׁThe concept that saving a life overrides all other biblical commandments. , saving human life, is Judaism’s highest mitzvah. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, we encourage you to care for your health and safety first by heeding the advice of experts and following CDC guidelines when making decisions about in-person activity. Whether you choose to be a poll worker, a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer  or mobilize remotely to get out the vote on Election Day, join Every Voice, Every Vote to take action to strengthen our democracy between now and November.
  3. High school and college students can make the most impact in their communities:
  4. Every Voice, Every Vote: What’s Next?
    Wednesday, Nov. 11, 8pm ET
    Join us as we lift up stories and celebrate our collective accomplishments, hear from our partners about the impact of this election on the most urgent issues of the moment, and commit to being a part of the ongoing effort to mobilize our Reform Movement to pursue justice and effect change at the local, state, and federal levels in 2021.
  5. Join the conversation: If you’re already a member of a Reform community, join the conversation The Tent, the communications and collaboration platform for Reform Jewish leaders. Be sure to use #CivicEngagement in your posts.    
  6. Support the RAC: Give generously to sustain the work of the civic engagement campaign.
  7. Participate in With Malice Toward None, an Initiative for Faith Communities During Election Season. This initiative aims to create a space for people to deal with their emotions (positive and negative), to build our capacities for working together to address our common challenges, and to commit ourselves to a renewed citizenship.

And finally: Tell us about your work! We want to celebrate your community’s efforts and make sure they’re counted as part of the campaign, so let us know about your civic engagement work.

Mobilize Our Voters

Vote Here Sign

Compelled by Jewish history and values, we take citizenship and the right to vote seriously. With outreach in our congregations and communities, our goal is 100 percent voter participation.

Combat Voter Suppression

People lining up to vote

For more than a century, we’ve worked with partners to ensure equal voting access. This year, we’re working in coalition to achieve universal voter access and encourage universal participation. 

Engage Student Voters

young person voting

As part of our dedication to ensuring under-represented groups have a voice in the voting process, we’re working with youth leaders to significantly increase the number of young voters.