I would like my congregation/community to sign onto the Brit Olam, what is my first step?

We are excited that you are interested in bringing the Brit Olam to your congregation or community! We suggest reading through the various resources on our Brit Olam Webpage to learn more about the Brit and engaging your community. We also suggest reviewing our step by step instruction guide that walks you through the process of what it might look like for a community to review, discuss, approve and sign onto the Brit Olam.

How do I submit my community’s signed Brit Olam?

You can submit your signed Brit Olam by using this online form, which allows you to upload a signed copy of the Brit Olam. Communities who have signed onto the Brit Olam will be listed on the RAC’s website as Brit Olam congregations and communities. If you would like your community to be included in this list, please upload a high-resolution file of your congregation or community’s logo when you submit the form. Once we receive your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with more information about the Brit Olam Network and next steps for your community.

Who should serve as the three signatories on the Brit Olam?

Each community should have at least one clergy member (if your community has one) and two lay leaders sign onto the Brit Olam to lead your community in its justice work, preferably including one student leader. You may want to consider your congregation’s president, a social justice chair, and/or other board members. If it is appropriate for your community, you are welcome to have more than three people sign the Brit Olam. Please make sure to include everyone’s contact information (email and phone number).

My congregation/community does not have a clergy member. Can we still sign the Brit Olam?

Yes, all Reform communities are invited to sign the Brit Olam! If your community does not have a clergy member, you are welcome to submit the Brit Olam with the signatures of two lay leaders.