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Social Action calendar was created to allow congregants to choose activities that fit in their schedule.

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Congregants can buy Passover items from a virtual store to donate to Jews in need.


The JWB Jewish Chaplains Counsel has been providing services to the US armed services since World War I.
The Temple created a multifaceted AIDS awareness/action Project.
The Temple partnered with two churches in the South Bronx in order to foster connections between the communities.
Synagogue works to infuse congregational life with social justice, learning, and action.

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Temple Israel
Boston, MA

Donations are collected prior to provide Kosher for Passover meals to Jewish families in need.


High Holiday tickets had sign-up information for six upcoming social action projects.

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Congregation feeds the hungry in the local community.

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Temple Sholom
Chicago, IL

Drawing connections between the Exodus and modern day issues of slavery.

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