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Interreligious Cooperation

Temple Dor Dorim cultivated meaningful personal and communal relationships with two local churches, creating the foundation for genuine interfaith collaboration on a series of events aimed at the
An interfaith county-wide rotating homeless shelter.

Contact Information:

Temple Isaiah

Lafayette, CA


A synagogue initiative to work with the local Interfaith Shelter Network over the Christmas holiday to provide assistance to people in need.

Temple Solel

A congregation's initiative to help and assist the homeless.
The Temple partnered with other faith groups in order to press a local school district to adopt a new policy on religion and schools.
An interfaith coalition of Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergy and lay leaders, whose purpose is to foster mutual understanding, respect and cooperation.
The congregation worked together with members of the Muslim community to build a home for a needy family while breaking down the barriers that existed between the two groups.
A synagogue co-partners with a local Presbyterian Church and other supporting congregations and organizations in a program to take working homeless families through proscribed steps or phases to
The Temple partnered with two churches in the South Bronx in order to foster connections between the communities.
Synagogue helps improve the basic living standards of impoverished families in Mexico.

Community Contact Information:
Temple Adat Shalom
Poway, CA