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Congregants sign up for three month commitments to buy an extra can of food each time they shop. Donations are brought to the Temple and donated to local food banks.
Temple Dor Dorim cultivated meaningful personal and communal relationships with two local churches, creating the foundation for genuine interfaith collaboration on a series of events aimed at the
An interfaith county-wide rotating homeless shelter.

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Temple Isaiah

Lafayette, CA


Congregants can buy Passover items from a virtual store to donate to Jews in need.


A new and successful program to educate congregants about diverse disaster relief initiatives and to raise funds to support people in need throughout the world.


A congregation's Tzedakah Collective demonstrates the synagogue's dedication to social justice through its various activities.


The Temple created a multifaceted AIDS awareness/action Project.
A congregation's initiative to help and assist the homeless.
The Temple has been able to transform its Mitzvah Day into a year-round opportunity for social action.

Temple Israel
14 Coleytown Road
Westport, Conneticut 06880

The congregation established programs occuring throughout the year focusing on anti-hunger and poverty.