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A congregation's Tzedakah Collective demonstrates the synagogue's dedication to social justice through its various activities.


The Temple created a multifaceted AIDS awareness/action Project.
The Temple partnered with two churches in the South Bronx in order to foster connections between the communities.
An inspiring congregational program during Pesach to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in the local community and to bring about support, healing, and comfort to those affected.
A synagogue's initiative to infuse social action to its congregants by compelling the congregants, including its youth, to speak out and become involved in the Temple's activities.
The Temple seeked "to strip away all the excuses people have for not participating in social action" by offering its members an unusally wide array of social action opportunities.
Congregation partners with a local church to bring resources to Haitian orphans affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Temple Beth-El

Congregants provide support services for HIV/AIDS patients and their families.

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Congregation Rodeph Sholom
New York, NY

A congregation's initiative that focused on three programs that have been particularly successful: a homeless shelter for men to assist them and offer support; an AIDS education program; Mitzvah
City-wide program supporting HIV/AIDS support organizations by eating out at specific restaurants.

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