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High Holidays

Congregation creates a year of programs and opportunities to reflect on and perform tzedakah.

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Mt. Zion Temple

Social Action calendar was created to allow congregants to choose activities that fit in their schedule.

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During the High Holy Days and following month, congregation collects packages of underwear to distribute to local homeless community.


A new and successful program to educate congregants about diverse disaster relief initiatives and to raise funds to support people in need throughout the world.


An alternative Tashlich service that raises awareness of injustice and inequality.

by Emily Bass

A Psalm written by Ted Merwin to be used with Tashlich for a Just City

by Ted Merwin

The Temple opened its High Holiday services to people with hearing difficulties.

Congregation Emanuel
51 Grape Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
(303) 388-4013

Congregants organized visits to local cemeteries for seniors who wished to visit the graves of their loved ones.

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A synagogue's Social Action Committee has implemented an ongoing program of tikkun olam.
High Holiday tickets had sign-up information for six upcoming social action projects.

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