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When they began to discuss synagogue food policies a few years ago, members of the social action committee at Sinai Temple were engaged in a conversation about kashrut.

Congregation Har Shalom celebrated Tu BiShivat with a weekend of indoor and outdoor activities designed to connect congregants with the local environment and Jewish ecological values.
A congregation's initiative to enthuse congregants to participate in community service projects.
The Temple revamped its social action program and in doing so, motivated congregants to make commitments and contributions to social action at new unprecedented levels.

Temple Isaiah will explore concepts of sustainability, Jewish traditions, and connections with the natural world reflected in our food systems and eating choices as one of its 50th anniversary (or

When the social justice committee at Temple Beth-El launched their environmental initiative in 2008, they decided to create a CSA program to enable their synagogue community to take a tangible step

After engaging in a study of kashrut and Jewish thought around eating, congregation forms CSA (community sustained agricultural) partnership with local farm.
Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco, CA created Project H.E.L.P.
Tzedakah project focusing on the mitzvah of tikkun olam during Chanukah.

Community Contact Information:
Congregation Or Ami
Calabasas, CA

GUCI campers worked throughout the summer in a Tikkun Olam project facilitated by Keep Indianapolis beautiful.