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Economic Justice

On the holiday of Shavuot, we read the book of Ruth. This text teaches us the importance of reaching out to strangers and emphasizes our communal obligations towards those in need.

As a harvest festival, Shavuot calls to mind the various guidelines we are given in Torah about reaping the crops:

Leviticus 23:22

On Passover, we remember the ten plagues that were put upon the Egyptian people.

Lift your voice and tell your Senators and Representatives totake action on these important policy issues that affect working families:

Congregational Job Help Hotline: TRTCares

Mar. 13, 2009

Interfaith Homeless Initiative, Huntington

May. 14, 2009

Vote No on Question One

Mar. 3, 2009

Congregations came together to defeat Question One, a proposition to eliminate the state income tax.


Children’s Initiative – Connecting to our Community; Bridges to Benefits

Mar. 23, 2009