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Sukkot: Environment: An Overview


"You shall indeed go out in joy and be led forth in peace. Before you mountains and hills shall shout aloud; and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Instead of the briar, a cypress shall arise; instead of a thorny nettle, a myrtle shall arise. These shall stand as a testimony to the Eternal, as an everlasting sign that shall not perish." (Isaiah 55:12-13)

The seven days we spend in the sukkah allow us to interact with the environment around us in a way that our permanent homes do not. Eating and sleeping in sukkot force us to feel the wind, breathe the outside air, and gaze at the sun, moon, and stars. As we encounter the natural world during this season, Sukkot inspires us to address current issues that affect the environment on a daily basis.

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