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Save Our Soldiers

A group of teens from NJ is dedicated to raising awareness about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers

Save Our Soldiers (SOS) is a group of teens from the Short Hills, New Jersey area dedicated to raising awareness of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. The group joins together to do mitzvah projects in their local communities and beyond. SOS was formed when one of the teens who attended the National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) Israel trip in the summer of 2006 came back inspired from her to make a difference in Israel from her experiences on the NFTY trip and at URJ Camp.  

Recently, the group traveled to Trenton, New Jersey to testify on behalf of the U.N. Security Counsel Resolution 1701 in the Assembly State Government Committee. The resolution calls on the United Nations to take action to help free the three Israeli soldiers. SOS urges everyone to sign their online petition at www.freethesoldiers.org in support of the U.N. resolution. SOS continues to educate groups on the plight of the soldiers and has met with Karnit Goldwasser, the wife of one of the kidnapped soldiers The group is planning on traveling to Trenton in a few weeks for the vote of the resolution.

The group has developed a lobbying plan, has reached out to numerous national Jewish groups including the National Council of Jewish Women and United Jewish Communities. The group has hung posters in their synagogues, became the first national teen group for Freethesoldiers.org and will air their project on the radio. The students have been educating the 7th graders at their congregation about the plight of the Israeli soldiers and encouraged temple members to sign the petition in support of the resolution and engaged in a letter writing campaign during the Annual Meeting.