Returning L'Taken Participants

Invite your students who have previously participated in L’Taken to come back for a second year.  It’s all the great parts of the L’Taken experience with specialized programming and opportunities to take a passion for social justice and tikkun olam to the next level. 

Below is an outline of the Returning L’Taken experience:

  • Arrival: When students arrive, those that are returning attendees will have a special flag/ribbon for their nametag that identifies them as a returning L’Taken students.
  • Friday Night: Friday evening is the kick-off program for this cohort. The program runs at the same time as the traditional Friday evening Poverty/Economic Justice program. The goal of this program is to explore concepts of power as framework for examining social justice and the process of creating change.
  • Saturday Morning: During Shabbat morning services, returning students will be invited for an Aliyah Torah blessing.
  • Saturday Lunch: Returning students will enjoy lunch with the RAC Legislative Assistants!
  • Havdalah: Returning students will lead the community in Havdalah with our songleader.
  • Sunday Morning Storytelling Program: Returning L’Taken participants will repeat the storytelling and will be given the option to work within a new framework to think about how their stories can have a deeper impact. Additionally, we will look to the returning students to help other students develop their stories and volunteer to model their stories in front of the room. 
  • Sunday Morning Elective Program: Returning students are encouraged to sign-up for a new issue-area--a program that they have not participated in previously.   
  • Peer Mentorship: Chaperones of returning participants are encouraged to connect with each other to learn about peer mentorship opportunities for lobby prep! Please email Shira Zemel and she can put you in touch with chaperones that can share their best practices.

Email or call Lizzie Stein with questions about the Returning L’Taken program.